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I have been getting a lot of questions recently about the impact of technology and our future. There’s a lot of concern that technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, will kill a massive number of jobs. As we enter what is being called the Digital Industrial Revolution I can understand the concern, I personally […]

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The Evolution of CIO – From Information to Innovation  CIO typically stands for chief information officer. Today, while that’s still true, it’s changing. New technology, new business trends and emerging needs mean that this exec is really more involved with innovation than just information technology these days. The Changing Landscape Once, the CIO was largely […]

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Cybersecurity events in 2015 continued to grow in size and impact. Companies like CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Kaspersky Lab, Premera BlueCross BlueShield, Harvard University, LastPass, Army National Guard, Anthem, Office Of Personnel Management, VTech, T-Mobile, Scotttrade, Ashley Madison, CVS & Walgreens were some of the larger breaches last year. The cybersecurity landscape has become more developed […]

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Cloud Control to Major Tom, commencing countdown to the Cloud

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on, where commencing countdown to the cloud. (Title and opening line inspired by David Bowie, rest in peace) Welcome to 2016! This year will become a major turning point across all industries. Everyone I speak to, all the articles being written, questions and discussions with clients and peers all point […]

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User experience design encompasses traditional human computer interaction (HCI) design, and extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service as perceived by users. There are many key factors to understanding interaction design and how it can enable a pleasurable end user experience. It is well recognized that building great user experience requires interaction […]

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Curiosity and a desire to solve problems led me very early on in my life into technology.  Through almost 20 years of work experience I have continued to grow in my learning and experiences while pushing to stay well ahead of technology and business trends. Technology is a tool if delivered correctly offers business and society amazing opportunities.

The ability to connect the dots across life’s experiences and areas outside of your main focus is a powerful tool. I have spent a lot of time exploring creative areas as well areas outside of my comfort zone. The ability to find connections across life experiences has allowed me to solve unique problems in new and positive ways.

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With decades of experience across a wide range of business environments I have been a successful leader delivering multi-million dollar projects and managing teams with a focus on trust, teamwork, and caring.


Cloud continues to grow at a rapid pace. Having jumped on the trend many years back I have built a wealth of knowledge and best practices for designing and leveraging cloud based solutions across various business needs.


When the iPhone was announced, it was clear that mobility would change the world. Having jumped in from the start of the paradigm shift I have experienced a wide range of use cases and business growth possibilities with mobile.


Everything we experience today is done through software. Since 2005 I have spent a significant portion of my time designing, building, testing, and enhancing applications to help organizations solve problems and remove friction.


I have worked with Rob for more than 10 years and in different stages of his career and I witnessed him to grow into a very well rounded and extremely reliable professional. He can manage any environment using his deep technology experience (in every area of technology, be it infrastructure, applications, systems, processes, risk, compliance, etc.) and with his very smooth and stable leadership style. Rob has a very smart and very unique way of analyzing situations, asks the right questions and drives to the best solution. He is quick and drives anything to its successful completion. he is eager to know and learn more and no difficulty would stop him.

Emma Arakelyan

I have known Rob and worked with him now for almost 20 years together and at separate companies. His depth of knowledge is vast and when he may not have an answer readily available his ability to research and find an answer quickly is a great asset. Rob is my go to person when I need assistance, guidance or to just kick around ideas.

Chris Stamm


If you would like to get in contact with me you may call the number below or send me an email via the contact form.

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